Bruce Clark

Bruce is married with four amazing children.  An ordained minister, he is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, studying general engineering, political theory, and Arabic.  After serving in the Air Force (in R&D), he received an MDiv from Covenant Seminary and a PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK), studying persecution and suffering among the earliest followers of Jesus.  His PhD dissertation, Completing Christ’s Afflictions:  Christ, Paul, and the Reconciliation of All Things, was published through Mohr Siebeck (WUNT), and forthcoming is a monograph on faith in Paul’s letters, ‘For All Who Believe’:  A Lexical and Exegetical Exploration of ‘Faith’ Language in Paul.

One thought on “Bruce Clark

  1. Hi,
    There’s been no activity on this blog for quite some time but I found this a while ago. It’s powerful and true. Thank you for stating so clearly what I have felt for my 26 years of following Jesus. I hope these truths are shared and adopted. Blessings to you Bruce.

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