3 Big Ways to Love our Kids

All three are easy to do, effective, and are in fact three facets of one single thing: reading. A Stanford University study beginning in the first half of the 20th century followed nearly 1,500 men with IQs in the top 1%…for fifty years! It found that even within this seemingly elite group there was a […]

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The Role of Music in Parenting

The other day I was driving somewhere with one of my teen daughters, and the stereo was at near max volume playing “Running Down a Dream” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We were both singing our lungs out. In between songs, she randomly observed, “You know, they just don’t make music like they did […]

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How to disagree with grace

How many of us are any good at disagreeing? Most of us find no pleasure in voicing disagreement, and those of us who do usually aren’t up to much good–ha!  Sadly, when it comes to disagreeing, we either avoid it like the plague or we do it disastrously:  the result is injury and exhaustion with […]

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My constant struggle with feeling useless

An even more cumbersome (if more accurate) title for this post would be, “My ongoing battle with feeling completely useless, worthless and alone”–ha! Ugh. If I remember correctly, Christian counselor Paul Tripp once shared about a particularly difficult counseling case he had. Failing to discern his counselee’s underlying problem after a number of unsuccessful sessions, […]

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