Bruce Clark

Bruce lives in Puerto Rico, with his wife Sarah and four kids–twins Lydia and Rosemary (12), Winston (5), and Julianne (2).  An ordained Presbyterian minister, he serves on the ministerial staff at Trinity Church, Puerto Rico, a church that seeks to raise up Latino leaders for the Western world.  Bruce is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, studying general engineering, political theory, and Arabic.  After serving in the Air Force (in R&D), he received an MDiv from Covenant Seminary and a PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK), studying persecution and suffering among the earliest followers of Jesus.  His PhD dissertation, Completing Christ’s Afflictions:  Christ, Paul, and the Reconciliation of All Things, was published through Mohr Siebeck (WUNT), and forthcoming is a monograph on faith in Paul’s letters, ‘For All Who Believe’:  A Lexical and Exegetical Exploration of ‘Faith’ Language in Paul.

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