Songs that stick

Songs that stick

Songs come and go, but they mostly go.  Some, however, stick (at least for me).  I have gotten soooo much mileage out of Mo Leverett’s “Waiting.”  I couldn’t find the lyrics online, so I’m not sure I’ve got them all exactly right… Verse 3 simply rocks.


Lay me down in the arms of freedom,

Lay me down in the liberator’s dream,

Let Herod have his say, and Caesar seize your pay,

On jubilation day, they’ll kiss your hands of clay,

For me I choose to stay, waitin’ till it takes my soul away.


Lay me down in the street and alley way

Lay me down in the ghetto of our pain

An unexpected rise, poured empathetic skies,

when Justice realized the content of our cries,

And there the answer lies, waitin’—an infinite supply.


Lay me down at the cross of Jesus,

Lay me down in that field of suffering,

Plant seeds of mercy where the ground is cold and bare.

…Hope will fill the air if justice is our prayer

You’ll find your reward there, waitin’–it’ll take you unaware.


Lay me down in the valley of the Lord.

Lay me down with all paradise restored.

The heavens will descend, it comes on us like wind,

Newness never ends, where colors mix and blend

All creation been waitin’ [for] Messiah to come in.


Lay me down in a consummated plan

Lay me down with the Lion and the Lamb

Where hope and faith converge into a thing contrived

A ceaseless sacred surge in undeserving lives

With all but love submerged, waitin’–the rumor has arrived.


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